This is an howto that explains the steps required to internationalize Luminance HDR. By internationalize we mean translating all the English text messages in Luminance HDR to your native language (English is Luminance HDR’s default language). Contact me in case this howto is not clear.

Getting started

The translations are managed using the online collaboration platform Transifex. Just register an account and start translation. The Luminance HDR project can be found at

If your language is already listed, you can directly start translating. Using this platform different translators can contribute to one language. In the case you want to contribute a new language you can do so by requesting it on Transifex.

Test your translation

Unfortunately testing your translation requires to install at least some of the Qt tools. Normally before a release there should be some beta version, where you can test the translations again. Just watch the mailing list (see next step).

Stay in touch

Once you have created a translations it would be fine if you could continue to maintain it. This means that before new releases are published, all translators are invited to update the translations with the new version.

For this it is helpful to subscribe to the – mailing list which can be found here.

Developer mode

As you know Luminance HDR uses the library Qt to draw its widgets on the screen. Qt contains a framework to internationalize an application. We will use that framework in this HowTo. In order to uses that framework you need a complete installation of Qt. Contact this guy if you want to get access rights to the Git repository. This allows you to directly edit and update the translation files in the source code.