Luminance HDR 2.3.0

We are pleased to announce Luminance HDR 2.3.0, a shiny new major release with important new features, than completes the progress of the beta version of 8 weeks ago.

Thanks to the important work made by Franco and Daniel, this new release brings into Luminance HDR a brand new colour management system, improved JPG, TIFF and PNG readers and writers and a new image alignment tool for RAW files as well (plus many other small changes). Since the beta1, minor flaws and bugs have been fixed. Moreover, we ported the new colour management system from LCMS to LCMS2.

Thanks to the work of our contributor Tino Kluge, Luminance HDR 2.3.0 has now got a size independent implementation of the Fattal operator. I would never thank enough Tino for this patch!

Minimum requirement for Luminance HDR is a CPU that supports SSE2.

If you spot any bug, or you want to suggest a new feature, please use our Tracker.

You can download Luminance HDR 2.3.0 using one of these links:

[ Windows (32-bit) setup ][ Windows (32-bit) 7z ]
[ Windows (64-bit) setup ][ Windows (64-bit) 7z ]
[ Mac OS X (64-bit, Intel) ]
[ Source Code ]

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