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May 23 2010:
Version 2.0.0 of Luminance HDR released!

Apr 26 2009:
Version 1.9.3 of Qtpfsgui released!

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SSE2 Support

SSE support is again active. Please, compile the latest SVN and give some feedback on the Tracker. Thanks, Davide
Users experiencing crashes of the program should check if their CPU support SSE2 instruction set.
In the case SSE2 is not supported they must disable it in the and rebuild the program.

Updated Russian translation

The updated lang_ru.qm is available in the download section. Anyone interested can download it and put it inside the i18n folder.

Luminance HDR beta is out

Hi everybody,
The new version of our beloved Qtpfsgui is now very usable and stable.
All the old features are still there, among the new ones we have:
....some more to find out.

Please give it a try

Franco Comida

Help Needed

Hi everybody, I'll just go ahead and say it: Qtpfsgui is in dire need of help.
For the last couple of years the project has been needing help. As Alexandre noted there are a couple of avenues worth exploring and an handful of bugs to fix.
We need people willing to work on the project, mainly developers but also all-around "resource organizer".
So if you want to help please drop us a line.

New Release: 1.9.3

After a long time here is Qtpfsgui 1.9.3

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