Too early for 64 bits {on Mac OS X, obviously!}

Today I download Qt 4.7 for Mac. It includes the 64 bits version build on the Cocoa framework and I was really curious to see how it behaved.
Final result: it’s still too early for 64 bits! I had the GUI completely stucked and completely unexpected crashes. It looked like Windows!!! Nightmare!

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  • Works on 64bit linux :)

  • I was able to build for OS X 10.6 x64 just fine. I didn’t do exhaustive testing but a basic tour of loading, TMing and saving worked as expected. Dependencies were handled by mac ports (with +universal) and you have to make sure and download the cocoa version of Qt. I wasn’t on Qt 4.7 (I was 1 version back) but I’d be surprised if the experience was different.

    • Hi Seth,
      I do build my dependencies using MacPorts (with +universal). What I simply did was downloading Qt 4.7, install it, and change the final architecture on x86_64 to test the 64 bits version. At the glance, Luminance was working fine. Then something happened and it started hanging for unexpected reasons and finally crash. So I did clean my project and rebuild using the x86 arch. The behaviour was the same, so I definitely connect everything to the new version of Qt. In fact, I removed Qt 4.7, put back again the 4.6.x and it started to work again as expected. Maybe I did something wrong, but I’m already struggling too much with the Windows build to add up another problem to my life! :)

  • Hi,

    I am trying to compile Luminance on Mac as well but I cannot have it work. Could you give some more details on how to achieve that?
    Here is what I do:
    - Got Qt 4.7.1 cocoa from nokia
    - Get qtpfsgui’s code from SVN (currently version number 848)
    - Install dependencies using macports or getting sources compiling them and installing
    - Run qmake in qtpfsgui’s folder
    Then no makefile is created.
    By the way I suspect some typos in the file lines 534 and 548, I would expect QMAKE… instead of MAKE (I might be wrong)

    • If you simply type “qmake”, by default Qmake creates an Xcode project on OS X. If you want a Makefile, you must type “qmake -spec macx-g++”. Let us know how it goes…

  • Ciao Davide,
    Thanks for your help. With the Xcode method, I got an error when opening the project
    *Project Users/matthieu/Documents/misc/Luminance/qtpfsgui/trunk/qtpfsgui/luminance-hdr.xcodeproj cannot be opened because the project file cannot be parsed.*
    However the second method works fine.
    I will try to investigate if I can get something for 64 bits with QT4.7.1 cocoa.
    Is there a place more adapted to report my investigations?

  • Hi,

    The compilation went smoothly. I put a dmg image of the binaries here so that anyone interested can give it a try:
    (dmg size 1.5 MB, compiled with QT4.7.1 cocoa lib, for MacOS10.6 64bits)
    Let me know if I did something wrong.
    I will try to use these binaries as soon as possible.

  • With the previous dmg the libraries where not included.
    I used macqtdeploy and now the dmg size is 38.7 MB. Same location.

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