I want to say it straight: I am sorry! I seriously am! I am sorry because you are not getting Luminance HDR’s updates as fast as you want (and I wish).

From a personal prospective, last year did not exactly go as I wanted, and this year is not starting better. Working on Luminance HDR was much simpler when I was a PhD student: I could manage  my time, and allocate my resources as I wanted. I could even sit  in front of Luminance HDR’s code for a couple of days in a row and code what I wanted, without even showing up in the lab for my PhD. However, since I start working, I have to find pieces of spare time here and there and try to get the maximum out of it. On top, most of my 2012 was allocate to finish my PhD thesis, something I really could not procrastinate.

Don’t get me wrong: I have no intention to leave the project. There are still so many things spinning through my head that I haven’t had the time to code: in the last few weeks I’ve worked a lot on the underlying engine (which I see like the foundation for the 3.0)  and I have ideas for the GUI as well. In the meanwhile, we are ready to release a 2.3.1 in a few weeks: we are just waiting a new version of LibRAW to be out, so that we can give you the wider RAW support in Luminance.

So something is moving. Slowly, but moving.

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