Update on the next release

This blog post is a little update on the status of Luminance HDR.

We have been working on a new version of Luminance HDR since the release of the current version, trying to improve functionalities and add a few more, with the aim of giving you a better software. Our core development team now counts a new member (Bruce), that has been a patch supplier for a long time before joining our team. However, we didn’t plan yet when and how the next release will be (maybe christmas?), so it might take long. Be┬ápatient!

In the meanwhile, I (Davide) started a new side project: I am trying to make a library out of Luminance’s engine, in order to offer similar functionalities to other software of the open source community. It is a really big project, that will keep me busy for a long period. However, it is my personal commitment to not leave Luminance HDR, which I’ve been cuddling for more than a year and I am proud of!

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