Luminance, 64 bits and Macs (Lion?)

I have been working on Mac OS X since I have taken the lead of the Luminance HDR project. Mac OS X is a nice platform, supported well by Qt, with several good quality external tool available (mainly coming from the Linux world). I did a lot of work to shape a nice interface on OS X and I will do more work later on this aspect.
To make my life easier, I decided to release a 32 bit only version of Luminance HDR (both for Windows and Mac OS X). Luminance however can be compiled in 64 bit without any drawback and this has several advantages. And in fact Daniel Kaneider’s work on a Win64 and my experiment with Universal compilation prove that.
So, since I started the development line that will bring to Luminance HDR 2.1.0 (still don’t know when!), I worked with the idea to release 64 bit builds at the end.

But obviously Apple decided that my plan to make an Universal build was too easy. I don’t know how many of you still use a 32 bit machine with OS X, but surely they are still a lot of people that did not upgrade to Snow Leopard from Leopard (and they will probably not upgrade to Lion): so now I am facing my personal dilemma about Luminance HDR’s development. In fact the new XCode 4 supports only OS X 10.6 and later, but not 10.5 (which means cutting out all the Leopard’s users). At the same time, Qt made its move and decided to support officially only 64 bit build, unless you do not compile Qt on your own.

Currently I’m working on Snow Leopard, using Qt 4.7.3 and supporting OS X Leopard (and 32 bit builds), but if I will upgrade my machine to Lion (not sure I will do that anyway), I will be forced to cut off all Leopard users and, as a consequence, drop the 32 bit build (Snow Leopard surely supports 64 bit applications, so it would not make sense to make a 32 bit build).

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  • For what little it’s worth (in terms of user sampling) the clients I work with either use Snow Leopard or are still on G5 systems that wouldn’t be good for running Luminance. So phasing out Leopard wouldn’t be an issue for them (and as such, not for me). It would be great to hear what the situation is like for other users.

    Conversely, on PCs there are still a ton of XP systems around, however, so that could be more of an issue. Looking forward to trying the 64-bit experimental build in a moment.

  • So, where do we post bug reports or feature requests that we would like seen? I know it’s not exactly relevant, so here’s a bit of relevance.
    On topic: 64 bits is important, however, I think that backwards compatibility is even more so. Would it be possible to have two versions, side-by-side?

    Off topic: Bug reports / Feature requests.

    1. The “Save All” feature.
    If you press “File” – “Save As” and then hit “Cancel”, the entire project will close. This even happens if you press the “Save As” icon in the interface. I’ve lost 3 projects like this so far… I’d rather not loose any more.

    2. In the hdr creation assistant, if you load images, there is currently no way to remove them after you have added them. The only way to restart is by pressing “Cancel”, and restarting the wizard. Which brings me to point 3.

    3. The first _page_ of the hdr creation assistant is annoying, and a waste of time for those of us who have seen it a billion+ times. Perhaps have a “Stop showing this page” button?

    4. Furthermore, there is no progress bar or file log indicating anything is going on when it matches up the images. If anything, there should at least be a progress bar. I know Hugin shows a log when matching the images, perhaps L-HDR could have one too?

    5: Speaking of freeze-ups, the ui also locks down when it’s actually creating the HDR at the end of the wizard. Perhaps we could have a progress bar there as well?

    Well, those are really all of my complaints/problems, with the only _real_ and disturbing one being the whole “Save-All” mess. Any place better I should post this so that it can be noticed?

    • I added an option not to show the 1st page in HDR Wizard and a progress bar while aligning images. The interface has swithed to SDI model so there is no Save-All button anymore.

  • Hi,

    My opinion is that you have to choose the OS you want.

    If you can’t build 32bit binary because you have choose lion, you should probably find someone on snow leopard that would create the 32 bit binary.

    However, As you release source code, it would not be too difficult to recreate a binary.

  • Hi Davide

    I have the opportunity to upgrade to Lion at no cost, but I wanted to check if Luminance HDR is compatible before I do it? I read your pos but I’m a little unclear whether it’s supported in 2.0.2

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