Luminance HDR on Windows 64

Daniel Kaneider, a long collaborator of the Luminance HDR project (even when the name was Qtpfsgui), made a 64 bit build of Luminance HDR for Windows.
It is a great thing to see Luminance running in 64 bit on Windows, but unfortunately this build is to be considered really unstable. However, we need your help to spread it around a learn when it crashes and why, so we can make it better, more stable and faster.
You can download the build on the link below. We are particularly interested in:

  • crashes
  • UI behaviour
  • visual artifacts
  • memory footprint (hdr creation and tonemapping in particular)
  • RAW handling

[ Windows (64-bit) SVN 918 ]

3 Responses to “Luminance HDR on Windows 64”

  • I started a thread for tracking performance results and bugs with this build.

    Everyone with an x64 system should definitely check it out. Though issues are present, the performance difference is huge. And my initial testing shows the Batch Tone Mapping to be stable (so far) in mapping full resolution images. Has mapped 36 consecutive images (and counting) without issue.

  • The download didn’t work for me on my 64-bit computer. I received an error message saying that components (including VCOMP100.dll) were missing.

  • I’d have to say, this version has fixed, as far as I can tell, every problem I was having with LHDR, AND a speed boost at the same time.

    No issues from me.

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