What do you think if Luminance HDR moves to Git?

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  • Git the tool or the hosting page?
    For me as a user, you can do whatever you want. BUT – git (the versioning tool) is far more powerful, so, yes, why not?

    Have you ever considered not staying at sourceforge? Good alternatives are Google Code or Launchpad. Launchpad uses bazar, another good versioning system and has a built-in-built-system, a bug tracker, translation interface etc.

    You choice, git and bazar are both fine tools.

    • Thanks Ben,
      for the moment, being Luminance HDR a collaborative project (even though I’m currently doing most of the work), I prefer not to leave Sourceforge.
      Git (the versioning tool) is a powerful tool, full of functions and quite mature now. I will probably make the switch once I get used to it. For the same reason why I am not leaving Sourceforge, I cannot change somebody else habits and I definitely prefer not to leave all the others are not ready to.

  • I highly recommend switching to git. It will allow more collaboration with the community, and you may end up doing less work on the code base yourself. I’ve been using Github, and the resources there are really neat (and it’s free). If I decide I want to add a feature, I can fork your code publicly, add the feature, and you can optionally pull it in. If you don’t think it’s a good change, you can ignore it, but people can still get to it if the user continues hosting it.

    The workflow vs Subversion is so much cleaner, especially if you ever have to merge. Not having to be connected to the web to commit is awesome as well, and can be emulated with svk, but that’s all a total hack. Git makes this a natural part of the workflow.

    Just try it. If you don’t like it, you can always go back!

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