Luminance HDR 2.0.2-pre1

A pre release of Luminance HDR 2.0.2 is out. It is stable and reliable but could contain undiscovered bugs, that’s why you should download and test it before the official release of 2.0.2.

You can download using these links:

[ Windows (32-bit) ]
[ Mac OS X (32-bit, Intel) ]
[ Source Code ]

I also made available an rpm for Fedora 12 x86_64 and a src.rpm for the same distribution.

Thanks to Davide Anastasia’s work, it is more stable and faster than ever. It has also more options for RAW conversion thanks to libraw which is now used in place of dcraw.

Please download and test it. If you spot a bug, we will appreciate a bug report on the Tracker that indicates version of Luminance, OS and the exact list of steps to replicate the behaviour.

Update (08/Dic/2010): A new Mac OS X build is available. The previous one was not working correctly with Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.x. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “Luminance HDR 2.0.2-pre1”

  • This is quite a pleasant surprise, I’d like to thank all of the developers for their hard work and efforts. I’d also like to thank you for the Mac builds, I’m fairly helpless when it comes to compiling software on the Mac…

  • good to see a pre release… :D
    I’ve been building Luminance from source on Ubuntu 10.10 since revision 2.0.0 without problems. unfortunately for 2.0.1 and 2.02, building from source is not possible… I’m getting an error with Libraw libs… both, official repositories (0.9.1) and new stable built from source (0.12)…

  • nice to see a new release…
    some Linux users have problems building Luminance from source. The big issue is Libraw version. For Ubuntu, the official revision is 0.9 (old). But the stable version for Libraw is 0.12. Both versions of libraw have problems and is not possible to build luminance because errors. The solution is to install libraw 0.11.3. AFter that, build Luminance from source is easy

  • How to install Luminance HDR 2.0.2-pre1 on Ubuntu:
    1. wget
    2. tar xvf LibRaw-0.11.3.tar.gz
    3. cd LibRaw-0.11.3
    4. make
    5. sudo make install
    6. cd ..
    7. wget
    8. tar xvf luminance-hdr-2.0.2-pre1.tar.gz
    9. cd luminance-hdr-2.0.2-pre1
    10. qmake
    11. make
    12. sudo make install

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