Monthly Archive for May, 2017

New macOS/OS X build

In the previous DMG images for macOS/OS X the align_image_stack binary has its executable bit not set which means aligning images with this engine does not work in Luminance HDR.
We provide a new build that fix this issue. It can be downloaded from the link below.  Setting the exec bit running chmod +x /Applications/Luminance\ HDR\ also fixes the issue.

Mac OS X/macOS (64-bit, Intel) ]

Luminance HDR 2.5.1

Luminance HDR 2.5.1 is out!

This is essentially a bugfixing release with some minor enhancements.
All issues related to highlights clipping and artifacts  when creating HDRs have been addressed and fixed for all profiles.

The small new features:

  • Selectable threshold for adjusting levels
  • Optional Lanczos interpolation
  • Antialiased display of images
  • Navigation of images in fullscreen
  • Online Documentation
  • Our friends using Mac OS X/macOS can find once again a pre-compiled DMG image ready to download and run.

    Minimum requirement for Luminance HDR is a CPU that supports SSE2.

    For Mac OS X/macOS users, Luminance HDR is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 (El Capitan) or later versions.

    **A new build that fixes an issue with align_image_stack on macOS has been uploaded. Mac users will get the updated image from the link below as usual.

    You can download Luminance HDR 2.5.1 using one of these links:

    Windows (64-bit) setup ]
    Mac OS X/macOS (64-bit, Intel) ]
    Source Code ]

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