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Luminance, 64 bits and Macs (Lion?)

I have been working on Mac OS X since I have taken the lead of the Luminance HDR project. Mac OS X is a nice platform, supported well by Qt, with several good quality external tool available (mainly coming from the Linux world). I did a lot of work to shape a nice interface on OS X and I will do more work later on this aspect.
To make my life easier, I decided to release a 32 bit only version of Luminance HDR (both for Windows and Mac OS X). Luminance however can be compiled in 64 bit without any drawback and this has several advantages. And in fact Daniel Kaneider’s work on a Win64 and my experiment with Universal compilation prove that.
So, since I started the development line that will bring to Luminance HDR 2.1.0 (still don’t know when!), I worked with the idea to release 64 bit builds at the end.

But obviously Apple decided that my plan to make an Universal build was too easy. I don’t know how many of you still use a 32 bit machine with OS X, but surely they are still a lot of people that did not upgrade to Snow Leopard from Leopard (and they will probably not upgrade to Lion): so now I am facing my personal dilemma about Luminance HDR’s development. In fact the new XCode 4 supports only OS X 10.6 and later, but not 10.5 (which means cutting out all the Leopard’s users). At the same time, Qt made its move and decided to support officially only 64 bit build, unless you do not compile Qt on your own.

Currently I’m working on Snow Leopard, using Qt 4.7.3 and supporting OS X Leopard (and 32 bit builds), but if I will upgrade my machine to Lion (not sure I will do that anyway), I will be forced to cut off all Leopard users and, as a consequence, drop the 32 bit build (Snow Leopard surely supports 64 bit applications, so it would not make sense to make a 32 bit build).

Luminance HDR on Windows 64

Daniel Kaneider, a long collaborator of the Luminance HDR project (even when the name was Qtpfsgui), made a 64 bit build of Luminance HDR for Windows.
It is a great thing to see Luminance running in 64 bit on Windows, but unfortunately this build is to be considered really unstable. However, we need your help to spread it around a learn when it crashes and why, so we can make it better, more stable and faster.
You can download the build on the link below. We are particularly interested in:

  • crashes
  • UI behaviour
  • visual artifacts
  • memory footprint (hdr creation and tonemapping in particular)
  • RAW handling

[ Windows (64-bit) SVN 918 ]