Monthly Archive for January, 2011

Luminance 2.0.2: Under Development

It’s been a while since the last update. After all, it was Xmas for us as well!
Development of the final release of Luminance 2.0.2 is going on and we have taken every single bug report really seriously: we are trying to fix them, or eventually take them like milestones of the next release.

Currently I’m working on the memory issues of Mantiuk06 (which seems to be the most used operator and the one with some problems, especially when using big images), trying to avoid memory allocations and copies when not strictly required. Moreover, I’m trying to rewrite some functions to help out the compiler to produce better code (increasing the throughput). When I’ve done with this, I would like to have a look at the false colors produced during the HDR Creation process: this one seems to be another major problem. Let’s what I can do!