Monthly Archive for September, 2010


For a reason that I didn’t really understand clearly, I’m now one of the administrator of the Luminance HDR Project.
Let’s start from the beginning: a few weeks ago I was trying Luminance HDR 2.0.0. It has been released in July so I though it was interesting to give it a go. It was even more interesting because I had to compile the code from scratch¬†using my Mac OS X.
I have to say: it wasn’t as hard as I imagined. Using MacPorts and a bit of patience, I had my working copy of Luminance HDR.
My first question was: why is it a newer software worse than the previous older one!? I know, I lot of people out there had the same thought and I agree with them, Luminance HDR is worse than QTpfsgui for these reasons:

  • The tonemapping process does not produce the same result of QTpfsgui;
  • The UI interface is somewhat not-coherent, because probably it has been touched but too many people with different ideas about how it should be and how it should be changed;
  • Luminance HDR crashes for unknown reasons, expecially using Mantiuk 06.

I am still learning the code and trying to find out where the sources of these problems are, but I’m confident that I will eventually come out with something interesting. So, if anybody wants to collaborate, just let me know.

A new website for Luminance HDR

Luminance HDR has now a new website, based on WordPress. This new website will make easier any kind of feedback between the development team (?) and the users (I hope you are a lot), and we are expecting to receive a lot of feedback in order to focus our work.
The old website is still available here.