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I want to say it straight: I am sorry! I seriously am! I am sorry because you are not getting Luminance HDR’s updates as fast as you want (and I wish).

From a personal prospective, last year did not exactly go as I wanted, and this year is not starting better. Working on Luminance HDR was much simpler when I was a PhD student: I could manage  my time, and allocate my resources as I wanted. I could even sit  in front of Luminance HDR’s code for a couple of days in a row and code what I wanted, without even showing up in the lab for my PhD. However, since I start working, I have to find pieces of spare time here and there and try to get the maximum out of it. On top, most of my 2012 was allocate to finish my PhD thesis, something I really could not procrastinate.

Don’t get me wrong: I have no intention to leave the project. There are still so many things spinning through my head that I haven’t had the time to code: in the last few weeks I’ve worked a lot on the underlying engine (which I see like the foundation for the 3.0)  and I have ideas for the GUI as well. In the meanwhile, we are ready to release a 2.3.1 in a few weeks: we are just waiting a new version of LibRAW to be out, so that we can give you the wider RAW support in Luminance.

So something is moving. Slowly, but moving.

Sourceforge Project of the Month May 2012

It is a big pleasure for me to announce that Luminance HDR won the award as May 2012 Sourceforge Project of the Month. It is  an honour for us to win this award, that has been given to absolutely brilliant projects for the last 10 years. And it is also a good occasion to talk a bit more in detail on what is going on in Luminance HDR.

I would like to start by saying my appreciation for the work made by Daniel and Franco: they are both seriously skilled developers and they compensate my lack of time by carrying on the development. It is all thanks to their work that we have a new beta version to play with after such a short time from the release of the 2.2.1: if you are curious to test the latest progress, we will appreciate any kind of feedback.

However, a lot of work needs to be done to bring Luminance HDR were I would love it to be. When I took it from the hands of the former founder, nearly two years ago, Luminance HDR was facing a really bad moment, and it was really close to be abandon [1][2]. Not much development was going on, so  it was given to me, a person that had no clue of the internal structure of the project. But I didn’t have a build for Mac OS X and I need a copy of Luminance HDR for my pictures. So I started compiling everything on Mac. And it worked. Sort of.

Without telling you the all story (I don’t want to bug you!), since that day, I’ve started working more and more on Luminance HDR. I’ve fixed several heavy memory leaks, merged the Main Window with the Tonemapping Window and started using tabs instead of MDI containers, just to name a few. At the same time, I’ve moved the building system to CMake and the source control repository to Git (and now that I’m forced to use SVN for other projects, I cannot tell you how much I love Git!). It’s probably thanks to my first efforts that Franco and Daniel started to work again on the project, pushing myself to do even better.

But the greatest thing that happens to Luminance HDR in these two years is you. Yes, you! I’ve started a Facebook group and in a few weeks we were 100. Now, almost 300. And you are all active users, sharing pictures, suggestions, tricks and proposing ideas. Without your support and feedback, we couldn’t understand whether our work was appreciated or not (something really important when you work for free!).

And now? I think this award is not the finish  line, but more the start. While the current code is being maintained and improved, many thing are happening to prepare the next generation. It’s a complex work, that involves rewriting a large part of the underlying processing engine, but it is a challenging task that will completely change our baby. I would love to have near real-time processing, and more improved and advanced post-processing features, in order to speed up the entire workflow. The GUI needs to be polished and improved as well. And much more. So, stay tuned…

Support us!

Luminance HDR is shortlisted for the May 2012 Sourceforge Project of the Month. If you want to support us, you can vote for Luminance HDR at this link*. If you want to know more about Sourceforge Project of the Month, you can go to this link.

* You need a Twitter account to vote!

Update on the next release

This blog post is a little update on the status of Luminance HDR.

We have been working on a new version of Luminance HDR since the release of the current version, trying to improve functionalities and add a few more, with the aim of giving you a better software. Our core development team now counts a new member (Bruce), that has been a patch supplier for a long time before joining our team. However, we didn’t plan yet when and how the next release will be (maybe christmas?), so it might take long. Be patient!

In the meanwhile, I (Davide) started a new side project: I am trying to make a library out of Luminance’s engine, in order to offer similar functionalities to other software of the open source community. It is a really big project, that will keep me busy for a long period. However, it is my personal commitment to not leave Luminance HDR, which I’ve been cuddling for more than a year and I am proud of!

Mailing Lists

We decided to open 3 new mailing lists with the aim of a closer relationship with users, translators and potential developers. These mailing lists can be found here:

Feel free to join one or more that our mailing list: we are looking forward for you!

P.S. This blog will not allow comments anymore: use our Users Mailing List instead.


What do you think if Luminance HDR moves to Git?

Too early for 64 bits {on Mac OS X, obviously!}

Today I download Qt 4.7 for Mac. It includes the 64 bits version build on the Cocoa framework and I was really curious to see how it behaved.
Final result: it’s still too early for 64 bits! I had the GUI completely stucked and completely unexpected crashes. It looked like Windows!!! Nightmare!


This Monday I’ve got the first donation since I’ve started to work on this project. It was such a nice surprise, because I didn’t really expect anything from this work. I really want to thanks those who gave me some money to work on this project: they were really appreciated and they are the proof that there were some interest for this project around. For this reason, I’m going continue to improve the code and make Luminance better every release.

For those who don’t want to give money but own (not more needed) books about C++, Advanced programming or Qt library, I will surely accept them.

Thanks all,

A new website for Luminance HDR

Luminance HDR has now a new website, based on WordPress. This new website will make easier any kind of feedback between the development team (?) and the users (I hope you are a lot), and we are expecting to receive a lot of feedback in order to focus our work.
The old website is still available here.