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French and Portuguese translations

Up to date translation files for French and Portuguese/Brazilian are available on sourceforge files.
They are named lang_fr.qm for French and lang_pt_BR.qm for Portuguese.
After downloading them, they must be copied into i18n folder.
On Windows it should be c:\Program Files\Luminance HDR\i18n, on Linux usually the right directory is /usr/share/luminance-hdr/i18n.

One must restart the application after those files have been copied.

New macOS/OS X build

In the previous DMG images for macOS/OS X the align_image_stack binary has its executable bit not set which means aligning images with this engine does not work in Luminance HDR.
We provide a new build that fix this issue. It can be downloaded from the link below.  Setting the exec bit running chmod +x /Applications/Luminance\ HDR\ also fixes the issue.

Mac OS X/macOS (64-bit, Intel) ]

Moving to GitHub!

Development in the world of Luminance HDR has been slow in the slow in the last year. While we have some new things to put out soon, we couldn’t do enough coding to put out a chunky release for you folks out there! We have started realizing that, despite our effort, our lives are claiming their space and time, which means less coding for our baby.

Hence we made the decision that if we want to speed up again the development, we need to move where the best developers are, and this platform seems to be GitHub nowadays. Sourceforge served as well for a long time, and the project is still open, but the code repository is now on GitHub at We will probably move the issue tracker on GitHub as well in the next few days, and we will probably open a new subproject to create a better manual.

We hope you will join us in this new phase of Luminance HDR, which still remains that major open source project for HDR photography out there, and truly deserves to be improved and generate more releases.